iPhone | UX & Visual Design

Create, share, and track business cards. This Amsterdam startup needed a redesign. I started from scratch with improving the navigation hierarchy and continued to meticulously craft and customise the interface elements and interactions.


I started the redesign by defining goals and user scenarios. Just as Maslow defined our hierarchy of needs I researched and ordered the needs for people exchanging contact information. I sketched, wireframed and prototyped different solutions before deciding on the final architecture. 

Look & Feel
It was crucial to make the app feel just as simple and intuitive as sharing a physical business card. After all, why would people bother changing a well-established pattern otherwise?

I came up with drag and drop interactions and added a leather texture to help reinforce the concept of a physical wallet. You can open the app and in an instant flick your card to the contacts nearby. 

Although I’m all about teamwork, having the freedom to create something from scratch and be deeply involved in the entire process was very rewarding.

CardCloud was discontinued as they were unable to secure funding, but I still look back on this project with a sense of pride as it is one of the most comprehensive projects I’ve got to work on.  

I’m available for freelance and collaboration.

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