Ik ben geen kind meer!

Web | Visual- and interaction design, Branding

Developed for Stichting Downsyndroom. The website aims to educate teenagers with Down about puberty and other subjects.

The interface and navigation structure needed to be extremely straight-forward and easy to understand. I couldn’t rely on my own experience and had to rethink a lot of conventional design choices.

Look and feel
The homepage presents the topics in a colorful way that invites exploration. On the next page the color is reused in the sidebar to remind you where you are.

The content is structured in sub-categories to remove distractions, and we added text-to-speech functionality for users who struggle with reading.

The wordmark Ik ben geen kind meer! (I am not a child anymore!) was designed like a protest sign symbolising teenage rebellion. We developed a concept where different users are holding the sign to invoke a feeling of inclusiveness.

The website is live and will be filled with content provided by Stichting DownSyndroom. 

You can visit the site here;