iPhone | Concept, Design, Development

I designed and programmed a simple calculator for iOS to find the beverage with the best bang for the buck. Just enter the alcohol percentage, volume and price!

Me, myself and I



In Sweden, private alcohol consumption is limited to the offers of Systembolaget, the government-owned liquor store. As a teenager taste mattered less than the ensuing dizziness, so naturally a culture of cost-effectiveness and the idea of an A.P.K (Alcohol per krona) app was born.

Years later, I built this app as a fun way for me to learn Swift. As it is my first project I kept it small but more features are planned for the future such as integration with the API from Systembolaget.

Why code?
As a digital product designer I need to know the limits of the platform I am targeting. Can my ideas actually be implemented, and how long would it take?

There’s always going to be a trade-off between perfection and the time you have at your disposal. Understanding the basics of development allows me to optimise for the given resources, and it makes the hand-over much easier!

Look & Feel
I wanted the app to be extremely easy and straight-forward to use for potentially intoxicated users. I opted for a well-known layout with clear contrast and big type. The colors for the UI and categories are taken from Systembolaget’s brand identity.

I started by setting up the project in Xcode using Storyboards. The ability to have a visual overview where you link the elements together and set up the layout and constraints was a nice introduction to programming.

The further I got the more I realised that I had overlooked in the design. As a developer you are forced to think about all the details. No matter how experienced you are as a designer, you will inevitably overlook things that a developer is forced to think about. Even with a technical background and years in the industry I ran into several a-ha moments.

I’m available for hire, freelance and collaboration.

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