A trip down memory lane, from more recent works back to the early days of shiny buttons and wooden textures!
Find out what shoe size you really have! A simple app to make online shopping easier and ultimately reduce the cost of returns.

A lot of testing went into finding the easiest way to capture the photo sequence needed to calculate the measurements. We used top-down photography to make the steps clear and smart tooltips that guide you through the process.

Settle your bill with ease! The app is synced to your bar tab so you get a convenient overview of orders and never have to worry about who owes who. 

We did a lot of testing to figure out what features were essential. Opening a tab and ordering from the app seemed like good ideas at first, but did not work in practice. Our key insights was to not change the way people normally interact in bars. 

Using the power of storytelling to sell insurance. The app was designed to bring talking points to the fingertips of Aon employees in an intuitive and compelling way.

I took their hexagon as a starting point and designed UI elements and the layout around that. Keeping the interface playful with animations and parallax scrolling transitions.

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