Brand identities, App icons, Illustrations

Next to product design I enjoy working on brand identities. I think it’s fascinating to explore ways that shapes, colours and texts come together to envoke a feeling or communicate an idea.

I strive to find a story that fits the brand and design the identity around that - forming a consistent look and feel that subtly hints at the core values or functionality. 

The above identity was developed for a startup, Third, that offered third-party payment processing. I opted for triangular shapes to complement the name, and to symbolise sending and receiving. 

Below are a selection of app icons I have created for other start-ups. Each with a concept that ties in with the brand in subtle, but once you know it, obvious ways.

I first establish a creative brief together with the client, outlining the objective and creative considerations. This is the springboard for all future exploration.

I explore different directions with mood-boards and sketches and continue to iterate on the decided route. After the final touches I deliver a complete styleguide of the new brand.

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